“Development of a special ICT program for people with disabilities”

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Kyrgyz Software Developers and Services Association
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“Development of a special ICT program for people with disabilities”
According to official statistics, there are 28.200 children less than 18 years with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan and only 28% of them are provided with educational services. Disabled people have less access to education, medical services or information technologies. In this regard, we want to take the initiative to develop methodological training plans for people with special needs, in particular, for visually impaired students. This experience has long been practiced and showed stable results in Western countries. Disabled people can acquire a good profession with worthy salary and not being at a disadvantage respectively to others in social and financial terms.
National implementation: Kyrgyzstan
Planned for future from 01/04/2017 to 01/12/2017
Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, Vocational Lyceum #98, Agency of primary and secondary vocational education, and NGOs, including associations and communities working with disabled people

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