e-SAP: a complete ICT solution for crop health management

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University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur
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e-SAP: a complete ICT solution for crop health management
The product, called ‘Electronic Solutions against Agricultural Pests (e-SAP), is an ICT solution in the field of agricultural extension. It is a dedicated system that effectively integrates Mobile communications, Tablet-based technologies and Cloud solutions to bring different players of the agricultural ecosystem including farmers, agricultural universities and policy makers to interact on a single platform in real time enabling two-way dissemination of real time information strengthening the agricultural sector of a nation. The eSAP uniquely addresses crop health management issue structured with multimedia-based presentation of information in the field devices transcending language and literacy barriers. It is the first solution to enable on-field identification and quantification of pest problem along with instant solutions. It also generates and synthesizes real time data of pest situations of a region (country) and makes it available over its web solution to other players in the agriculture sector. The product also contributes to rural employment and entrepreneurship in local youth.
Local implementation: India, KARNATAKA
Ongoing from 01/01/2013 to 31/03/2019
Tene Agriculture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

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