Supporting e-education for visually & hearing impaired students in Egypt

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Supporting e-education for visually & hearing impaired students in Egypt
E Education for Disb
The Project used ICT to break the vicious circle of the social exclusion of people with disabilities. E-Education was introduced in public schools of visually and hearing impaired students in Egypt, to improve their education quality and reduce the dropout ratio. The project transformed the curricula of the last two grades (750 lessons) of primary schools into electronic format, presented in sign language and audio files; deployed the e-lessons in schools (4) and shared them on a website and provided assistive technologies (visited so far by about 142,000 people). The project led to the Government’s consideration of generalizing the model adopted by it to all schools of students with disabilities.
National implementation: Egypt
Completed from 01/01/2013 to 01/02/2015
Egypt ICT Trust Fund, which is an entity established by the Ministry of ICT, Egypt and the UNDP. Ministry of Education, Egypt

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