Soy Usuario (I am a User)

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Federal Telecommunications Institute

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Soy Usuario (I am a User)
“I am a User” aims to encourage the user’s disagreements against their service provider reconciliation process, without the intervention of authority. However, the system allows both the regulator of telecommunications services, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), as the agency responsible for the protection of consumer, and the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau (PROFECO), to advise user´s and monitor the process in order to prevent any transgression of user´s rights. “I am a User” is an unprecedented Mexican electronic tool, which provides a space where users, suppliers and authorities coexist in order to streamline the handling process of deficiencies in telecommunications services or the rights violation of telecommunications services users.
National implementation: Mexico
Completed from 06/07/2014 to 06/07/2015

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