The Commercial Pledge E-service

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Register of Enterprises of Republic of Latvia (LRUR)
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The Commercial Pledge E-service
The commercial pledge provides an opportunity to pledge the movable property – capital shares, vehicles, trademarks, equipment and other registered property – without transferring it into the possession of the pledge holder, but registering a lien in the appropriate register. Business owners use commercial pledge to receive loans for the development of their companies. The Commercial Pledge E-service was developed in order to ensure the possibility of any individuals to enter a commercial pledge application data to the Commercial Pledge Register held by The Register of Enterprises (LRUR). The solution elaborated within the framework of the project enables authenticated users electronically submit the commercial pledge applications to The LRUR, as well as submit electronically signed documents, to pay a fee or specify payment data and receive answers decision. In accordance with actual technology a new Web site was designed. The main benefit of the introduction of a solution is that it simplifies the process of submission of applications from the customer point of view. State notaries are exempt from the job from rewriting the text from electronically readable forms as well, that enhance the overall quality of LRUR. The workflow starts from The Register of Enterprises will be available for electronic documents, which will be allowed to opt out of a paper document.
National implementation: Latvia
Completed from 05/05/2015 to 01/11/2016
Developed by "Exigen Services Latvia"

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