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Leonides Alfredo Peña Turruelles
Civil society entities

Information about the project
Preschool Education in Cuba, serves the children in different programs assumed by the Ministry of Education and the participation of other state entities. The game: “Domino” aims to develop skills in infants to make associations by types of geometric figures, animals and colors. Developing group work, affective relationships, respect for the rules of the game, follow the guidelines in a logical order and preserve national traditions.
Local implementation: Cuba, Isla de la Juventud
Planned for future from 18/02/2014 to 27/02/2018
José Ramón Vázquez Llabona, Frangel Torres Gutierrez, Kirenia Marcheco Guizado, Mariolys Balnco Pantoja, Leonides Alfredo Peña Turruelles

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  • Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all
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