Medical Alert System for Dementia Patients and a Care Giver Helper

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Zeeshan Alam
Civil society entities

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Medical Alert System for Dementia Patients and a Care Giver Helper
The purpose of this project is to give care and help to dementia patient as well as care givers simultaneously. Dementia is a kind of heart breaking serious disease suffered by millions, which cannot be cured today and has become most common and fast growing disease. People with dementia and other type like Alzheimer’s tend to be at a high risk of falling and which leads to surgery and the rate of death following a hip fracture for those with Alzheimer's is also increased. Fall is the most significant causes of injury for elderly. People with dementia may shout, moan or use abusive language, occasionally. This can be very stressful for caregivers as well as patients itself. Which can be solved by providing the digital inventory that will detect fall and shout (when a patient get hyper start shouting or crying loudly) i.e. the presented system is designed to partially alleviate stress, easy-to-use, cost effective, and ethically acceptable and offer easier remote monitoring to caregivers. The present two in one system will detect fall and shout simultaneously using detection algorithm which is based on a simple threshold method and alert caregiver on their Android smart phone and we can also send SMS to caregiver and doctors. The Android application for smartphone not only receives signal from hardware to alert caretaker during fall and shout detection of the patients. It also contain a pill reminder activity, which alert caregiver to give medicines on time.
Local implementation: Pakistan, Peshwar
Completed from 01/06/2016 to 30/12/2016

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