Service model of informatization

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Assel Nurmukhanova
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Service model of informatization
On 24th of Novermber, 2015 President of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a new Law on Informatization, which represents new model - Service model of informatization in government sector which is based on usage of architectural approach in automatization of government functions. The main principle of Service model is transition from Capex to Opex where Government does not own ICT and build its own ICT infrastructure and information systems, instead it consumes services. As a result: - there will be decrease in annual burden on the budget due to the replacement of cost of ownership into purcahse of services; - government will receive "information and communication technologies as a service", the informatization model will change ; - investment on information and communications infrastructure will be made by private sector provided that there will be long-term security of demand; - government functions will be automated in short time due to Agile approach (from 6th to 12 monhs) whereas now ICT projects in traditional model are created in 3-3,5 years.
National implementation: Kazakhstan
Ongoing from 01/01/2016 to 31/12/2020
Ministry of Infromation and communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Infromation Technologies JSC

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