Seed Alliance, The Alliance to Scale Digital Innovation

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Seed Alliance

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Seed Alliance, The Alliance to Scale Digital Innovation
The Seed Alliance seeks to help ideas to grow and achieve scale by providing small grants and awards for Internet development and digital innovation. It is a multi stakeholder partnership where member organizations --the regional Internet Registries AFRINIC, APNIC and LACNIC-- and regional sponsors support the allocation of small grants and awards across the Global South. Support is channelled through three regional programs: FIRE Africa (Africa), FRIDA (Latin America and the Caribbean) and ISIF Asia (Asia Pacific). The Seed Alliance Awards and Grants are complemented by a range of collaborative efforts on capacity building and networking oriented towards strengthening the capacity of the initiatives supported. Over USD 2 million have been allocated to date helping to strengthen and promote the Information Society within and across these regions.
Regional implementation
  • Africa
  • Asia and Pacific
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
Ongoing from 01/03/2012 to 31/12/2017
AFRINIC - FIRE Africa APNIC - ISIF.Asia LACNIC - Programa FRIDA IDRC 2012 until now Sida 2012 - 2016 ISOC 2012 until now Regional sponsors: Google (for FIRE Africa); Dot Asia, ICANN and APIA (for ISIF Asia)

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