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Jaguza Livestock App
Jaguza livestock App is an artificial intelligent and computer vision system (IOT), mobile (android, windows, IOS) as well as SMS and USSD enabled system and web (BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINE PLATFORM) that aims at improving livestock production in Uganda, Africa as a continent. It has a number of modules of which a farmer can choose a module that suits his/her best need (Self Service App).Our mobile health technology startup focus on developing and deploying mobile and offline solutions to increase access to animal health for millions of smallholder farmers in African rural communities best farming practice. Developed a unique algorithm combines data crowdsourcing and machine learning with predictive analytics to forecasts diseases early enough to help rural farmers improve their productivity. We continuously collect animal health information from farmers and health workers and correlates it with external data sources including laboratory data, historical data and early warning signals. We apply predictive analytics to accurately predict diseases before they break out in communities. As we are social enterprise and we are pioneering market-based approaches to bring low cost livestock services to smallholder farmers at the Base of the Pyramid. We send farmers a low-cost, easy to understand voice alerts and reminders for care seeking as well as actionable information and advice to help deal with disease outbreaks. Even more, we allow them to pay using their existing mobile credit so that no upfront seasonal costs are necessary. Jaguza App is currently operational in over 40 communities in 62 Ugandan local farms in Uganda where we provide accurate animal health data, outbreak alerts and educational content on over 8300 unique users every month.
National implementation: Uganda
Completed from 14/04/2013 to 08/03/2016
Uganda communication Commission (UCC) Common Wealth Telecommunication Organization(CTO) Uganda Nation council of science and Technology(UNCST) Ministry of communication and Information Technology National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U)

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