Communication Technology and Networking for Development

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World Science Project
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Communication Technology and Networking for Development
The World Science Project was created before WSIS Geneva for the express purposes of organizing the science side event for WSIS II Tunisia. Its main thrusts were to (1) provide connectivity to research organizations in Africa and south Asia; (2) to conduct connectivity surveys of scientists, educators, researchers, and professionals in low-income areas. These studies represent the only global surveys to span the entire Internet era, with information collected as far back as 1994 to the present. So far, the great benefits of connectivity have not yet resulted in the expected outcomes for social networks, particularly for women.
International implementation
Chile, Ghana, India, Kenya, Philippines, South Africa
Ongoing from 26/02/2002 to 26/02/2022
University of Nairobi, Kenya Loyola College of Social Science, India Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge National Drylands Farming Research Centre, Kenya Center for Earth Science Studies, India Water Research Institute, Ghana Universidad de Conception, Chile University of the Philippines, Los Banos University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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