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Intellectual property rights (IPR) in ITU-T Recommendations

Patent statement declaration registered as X5Gsec_q-01

Recommendation number: X.5Gsec-q
ITU registration date: 2020-09-03
Statement declaration date: 2020-09-02
Patent holder/organization: QRCrypto SA
Main contact: Mr Stiepan Kovac
Address: c/o itk AVtobvS Sárl, Chemin Monséjour 2
Fribourg, 1700
Tel.: +41 76 382 59 96
Declaration form version: 2 November 2018
Licensing declaration: Option2_The Patent Holder is prepared to grant a license to an unrestricted number of applicants on a worldwide, non-discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions to make, use and sell implementations of the above document. Negotiations are left to the parties concerned and are performed outside the ITU-T, ITU-R, ISO, or IEC.
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Archived declaration: Not available
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