2018 Forum programme

Forum Session
Innovating together: connectivity that matters
Monday, September 09, 2019, 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM, Room 1 - Dynamo

Connectivity is central to development throughout the world, producing a direct, positive and measurable impact on economies and benefiting lives across every sector of society. Ensuring universal access to high-speed Internet, and the services, applications and products it enables, is essential. But it is not enough. To be meaningful, connectivity must be affordable, fit-for-purpose and relevant to local contexts, supported by digital literacy and skills, and accessible to the digitally disenfranchised such as those in rural and remote areas.

What innovative solutions, hybrid technology mixes and cross-sector partnerships can drive universal access? How can innovative regulatory approaches, government initiatives or incentives, and industry models impact on increasing meaningful connectivity? Can we nurture a culture of responsible innovation, rather than innovation for innovation’s sake? How can we work together to bring about meaningful, inclusive and relevant connectivity that improves lives everywhere?

The Forum Summit is the flagship session of ITU Telecom World, setting the scene for the Forum debates to follow with a mixture of keynote  speeches and interactive panel discussions. The Forum Summit is an outstanding opportunity for all event participants to hear expert insight, gain international perspectives, and understand the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation at the very highest level.

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