2018 Forum programme

Ms. Allana Abdullah
Ms. Allana Abdullah



Allana started Bahaso with extraordinary vision to change the way young generations learn and adapt with globalization through communication E-learning technology. Currently pursuing her doctoral degree in entrepreneurship and innovation, Allana has been a serial entrepreneur in the startup industry with more than 5 years of experience in creating business ideas, developments, and investments.

Allana took her study further in Harvard University Division of Continuing Education. She is certified for participating in profesional development program in “Innovation and Strategies & Strategies For Leading Change Initatives”. This experience makes Allana a forward thinking and a risk taking entrepreneur.

Allana’s vision through Bahaso is to reduce language barriesseldom hinder people to reach higher in career and life. With this in mind, Bahaso is now in over 500 schools in the rural areas ofIndonesia and growing.

Allana strongly believes Indonesia as the 4th biggest country in the world should have a standardized education and opportunity for information.