2018 Forum programme

Mr. Jonathan Naidoo
Mr. Jonathan Naidoo

South Africa


Jonathan Naidoo is the Chief Executive Officer at SmartXchange.

Jonathan has extensive experience on trade and investment related activities, having led and accompanied a number of outward and inward business missions. Jonathan’s vast business experiences coupled with his connectivity both domestically and internationally has earned him a reputation of an astute “deal maker”. Jonathan was previously a Mathematics Teacher, the head of Economic Research, Policy and Lobbying at the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

SmartXchange is a Non-Profit Business Incubator based in South Africa. It specializes in the Media, Information, Communication, Technology and electronics sector (MICTe). The incubator aims at assisting individuals in building new digital skillsand helping start-ups scale, for communities to leapfrog their digital transformation. Today there are 67 start-ups that have been incubated, resulting in job creation, and 27 innovations that were created.