2018 Forum programme

Ms. Giulia Traverso
Ms. Giulia Traverso

Principal Cryptographer
Cysec SA


Giulia Traverso holds a PhD in cryptography from the Technical University of Darmstadt *Germany). During her PhD, she focused onlong-term secure cryptographic primitives for the everlasting storage of sensitive data in the Cloud.

She also holds a Bachelor and master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Trento (Italy). She recently joined Cysec SA as a Principal Cryptographer.

The rapid growth of digital data during the past few years has raised the question of data transmission and storage. Data has become the new oil, i.e. the most important asset for companies to grow and flourish. However, just as any resource, data has to be secured and protected by companies who produce it to ensure their competitiveness on the marketplace and the trust of theirclients. To assist companies in data protection and management, Cysec provides businesses with robust secure execution environments, where data can be stored and leveraged to design monetized products and services.