2018 Forum programme

Mr. Alin Claudiu Apostu
Mr. Alin Claudiu Apostu

Project Manager
Romanian Business Leaders


Alin-Claudiu Apostu is serving the global community in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneur and investor at heart, he strongly believes in a happy and sustainable world. He coordinates a national program in Romania called “I want to be an entrepreneur” which aims to promote the entrepreneurial mindset among young people and create local communities of young entrepreneurs. Recently he started another program on top of “I want to be an entrepreneur” which aims to help companies innovate with the help of youngsters.

Insights helps companies innovate by solving real business problems with the help of a nationwide community of creative and entrepreneurial high-school students. This initiative as well as assisting companies give young students the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and business acumen while learning new skills.