2018 Forum programme

Mr. Zhangshu Sheh
Mr. Zhangshu Sheh

Beijing Star Time Telecommunications Tec hnology Co.

  • Partner Session
  • Partner session by CSAIA
  • Room 2 - Cube
  • Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
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Mr.Sheh Zhangshu, the Chairman of Beijing Startime Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd.(BST). He has received the EMBA from Peking University, which is one of the top university in China.

As a leading pioneering participant in pushing China's commercial space industry to the international stage level, Mr.Sheh Zhangshu has done a lot of great efforts to promote it. Meanwhile, He has been recognized as an active advocate of China's commercial space industry.

Mr.Sheh Zhangshu has been engaged in the satellite science and technology services since 2010, and he has traveled to many countries such as France, Israel, Hungary and theUnited States, etc to observe different business models and technology path of mainstream satellite operating companies for dozens of times to involve actively for the building of the “Belt & Road” high-throughput broadband(Ka) telecommunication satellite information corridor.

Under the leadership of Mr. Sheh Zhangshu, Beijing Startime Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd.(BST) has become a competitive provider of new-type international broadband satellite network application services.

The BST is committed to building a high-throughput (Ka) broadband satellite network system which is able to cover over 60 countries/regions along the “Belt & Road”territories, and via the innovative international cooperation model, the BST has entered into a multilateral cooperation activity with Thaicom of Thailand as well as other international leading satellite application equipment research institutes and related think tanks.

By carrying out the R&D and application of integrated "space-air-ground" technology, The BST is aiming to promote the development of high-tech services based on high-throughput (Ka) broadband satellite science and technology, so asto fuel the “going-global” process of China's aerospace, and drive industry to upgrade and transformation in countries/regions along the “Belt & Road” territories.