2018 Forum programme

Mr. Gergo Budai
Mr. Gergo Budai

Deputy CEO
Vodafone Hungary


Dr. Gergő J. Budai has been Director of External Affairs and Member of the Board at Vodafone Hungary since 2017.

As of May 1 2019 he is Vice Chairman of the Board. In addition to his business activities he is also the Curator of the Vodafone Hungary Foundation and the Ambassador of the Digital School Programe. Gergő graduated in law and started his career at an international law office.

In addition to Budapest, he also worked in Brussels and Washington. Following this, for a period of 5 years he was Board Member at Pfizer in Hungary and later also in Romania and the Czech Republic. After 2012 he held various positions at Invitel Group. He was Member of the Board and the Group’s General Deputy CEO. After the successful sale of the company, he joined Vodafone in September 2017.