2018 Forum programme

H. E. Dr. Naeem Th. Yousir
H. E. Dr. Naeem Th. Yousir

Ministry of Communications


Dr. Naeem Thjeel Yousir Al-Rubai

Is an independent politician, who is the minister of communications in the government of Iraq.


  • He earned PhD degree in computer engineering from Hacettepe University – Turky 2014.
  • Master degree in computer science 2003.
  • Higher Diploma in information from the national computer center – Baghdad 2000.
  • Sc Statistic and computer science – Baghdad 1998.
  • Diploma in Turkish language.


  • Director of the directorate of information and communication technology in the Iraqi council of ministers (2015-2018).
  • Teaching in information technology college – AL-Nahrin University 2007.
  • Consultant the head of Iraqi information and computer commission 2007.
  • Representative the ministry of high education in E- governance.
  • Manager of administration and legal department in technology and computer commission 2003.