2018 Forum programme

Dr. Abdur Rahim Biswas
Dr. Abdur Rahim Biswas

Project Director, WUZIUP
FBK Create-Net


Dr.-Ing. Abdur Rahim is the Managing Director of WAZIUP e.V. an international non-profit organization promoting the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in developing countries for SDG 2030. He is also a research collaborator of the Open-IoT group in CREATE-NET, FBK, a public research organization in Trento, Italy. Dr. Rahim belongs to the board of ZIGPOS GmbH, a high-tech indoor localization company in Germany.

Being as well the project coordinator (as a part of FBK) of the H2020 WAZIHUB project Dr. Rahim works on to empower young entrepreneurship and to create IoT co-innovation hubs in 20 African countries. He is part of the steering committee member of CROWNCOM, a cognitive radio annual conference since 2009. Dr. Rahim is an external supervisor of PhD students in ACEIoT (African Center of Excellence IoT), University of Rwanda.

Dr. Rahim is a frequent international speaker in various summits, and conferences and workshops/ tutorials. Being a globe traveler he has visited more than 50 countries in the world. He has been working for more than 15 years in European projects (PULSERS I, PULSERS II, EUWB, C2Power, iCore, UNCAP, FiWARRE, i-locate, iKaaS, INTEGROIL, WAZIUP, WAZIHUB). He was the project manager of iCore, one of the pioneers and flag-ship IoT project in EU. He has been leading and involved in many activities like the leader of IERC AC8, Co-chair of SelfIoT, the management committee of COST-TERRA/COST IC0902.

Dr.-Ing Rahim received his PhD degree in 2009 from Technical University Dresden, Germany, MSc from the University of Gavel, Sweden, and BSc from RUET, Bangladesh. His research interests include IoT Technologies and architectures, 5G, edge computing, big data technologies, IoT networking, Artificial intelligence. He published more than 70 papers on International conferences and journals as well as one book and several book chapters.