2017 Forum programme

Chris Czerwonka
 Chris Czerwonka

Chief Innovation Officer


Chris's startup, InvestED, empowers unbanked users in emerging markets with free smartphone-based e-learning linked to financialinclusion and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). InvestED partners with trusted, responsible institutions pursuing these goals to leverage their expertise and increase their reach, effectiveness and impact. The technology and business aims of InvestED are synchronized to advance DFS, refine an analytics-based credit rating for the unbanked, and apply AI and machine learning to drive value throughout the edtech and fintech ecosystems.

Chris brings perspective from over a decade in management consulting and now strives to drive social impact in emerging markets through the intersections of entrepreneurship, technology, and creative design. He has extensive knowledge about and exposure to the challenges and opportunities in addressing issues of capacity-building, micro-entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation in the developing world through focused interventions.