2017 Forum programme

Idonae Lovetrue
 Idonae Lovetrue

Founder, CEO
Demiurge Technologies AG


Idonae Lovetrue, Founder & CEO at Demiurge Technologies AG, a cutting-edge Swiss neuroscience and artificial intelligence company translating breakthrough brain discoveries into breakthrough AI technologies to meet the exponentially growing market demand of low-cost high-performance interactive and autonomous mobile robots in smart cities, under the data, space, power and support constraints on earth and in space.

Mrs. Lovetrue has one-of-a-kind industrial experience in multi-domain city-scale AI applications. Before founding Demiurge, Mrs. Lovetrue was the principal investigator of artificial intelligence at the Vantone Group, where she was responsible for procuring cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and products for Vantone GREAT Cities, a 50-billion-CNY, ten-year project of building replicable and sustainable smart cities. In addition to being an Ignite at Stanford Graduate School of Business, she was awarded a Master of Science in Innovation Management at Brown University, a Master of Fine Arts in Artistic Design with national scholarship at Jiangnan University, and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree with honours in Industrial Engineering at Tianjin Polytechnic University.