2017 Forum programme

‘Bosun Tijani
 ‘Bosun Tijani

Founder and Chief Executive
Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB)


‘Bosun Tijani is the founder and Chief Executive of Co-Creation Hub Nigeria (CcHUB). He is an innovation expert who has invested the last 15 years evangelising an industry-wide shift to technology innovation, which has helped position start-ups as the anchor of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria.

Prior to CcHUB, he honed his depth of experience by designing and managing profitablebusiness models for high-end enterprise solutions with International Trade Centre and Hewlett Packard on projects supporting African SMEs to leverage technology to grow their businesses. As European Innovation Manager at PERA; he led the networking and coordination of leading innovation agencies across Europe with the aim of standardising the varying methodologies for commercialising researchresults.

In his role, he has driven the rapid advancement of collaboration and innovation in the technology landscape in Nigeria. This has been acknowledged locally and globally with accolades including the most recent 100 Most Influential People on the continent by New Africa Magazine. Under his leadership, CcHUB has driven the growth of social innovation using technology, producing ground-breaking initiatives and businesses that have influenced; environment (Wecyclers), fiscal transparency (BudgIT), e-commerce (Traclist), Healthcare (LifeBank), education (re:learn), wellness (Truppr) and transportation (GoMyWay). CcHUB led by ‘Bosun inpartnership with leading technology giants is responsible for many social technology projects including the GoVOTE, SafeOnline, Lagos Innovation Hotspots and i-HQ (the umbrella initiative for Yaba – the fastest growing tech cluster in Africa).