2017 Forum programme

Chi Hyung Lee
 Chi Hyung Lee

Seoul Digital Foundation
Korea, Republic of


Dr. Chi Hyung Lee has been leading the Seoul Digital Foundation since its founding in 2016. The foundation was established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government with the mission to lead digital innovations for the city of Seoul, Korea’s most prominent economic, social, and cultural hub. Dr. Lee is responsible for supervising the foundation’s core activities, which include policyresearch, digital literacy education, public service innovation, and IT startups assistance.

Prior to joining the foundation, Dr. Lee worked more than 25 years for industry and academia in the areas of IT, internet, and media. As a tenured professor, he taught digital media, communication, and online advertisings among other courses at Pyeongtaek University from 2013 to 2016; however,he is currently taking a sabbatical to lead the foundation. Before his professorship, Dr. Lee was a VP in charge of heading up corporate content strategy at KT, the largest telecom company in Korea, from 2005 to 2009 when it launched the first IPTV service. In addition, he served as SVP at Daum Communications from 2004 to 2005 and contributed significantly to paving the road for internet portals to expand business opportunities in the mobile arena. His first professional career in telecommunication begun at SK Telecom, the leading mobile telecom giant in Korea, where he played a crucial role in their technical planning and overseas investment strategies.

He received his doctoral degree in information systems from Yonsei University, his masters in accounting from the University of Denver, and his bachelors in engineering from Seoul National University.