2018 Forum programme

Mr Takeshi Kawabe
Mr Takeshi Kawabe

Japan Battery Regeneration,Inc.


I have been studying how to regenerate old abandoned lead-acid batteries, and to lengthen battery life since 2007. I establishedJapan Battery Regeneration, Inc. in 2013 and a president of the company.

Our company’s goal is to spread our technology toevery part of the world. Our technology can solve the fundamental cause of battery deterioration with our patented additive, and itcan recover battery charging capacity like new batteries with proprietary regeneration charging using the additive (called Super-K). Some of our activities include participation to APT Nepal project, and technical guidance to the battery regeneration service company in Bangladesh who regenerate old batteries used in telecom towers.

With our technology, reduction of industrial wastesand battery cost reduction are possible, and we hope to contribute to realize the future of sustainable development.

Mr Kawabe will be presenting "Using our technology for regeneration of old lead-acid batteries to solve Digital Divide" in the session ‘Creating New Value for Economic Growth?’