2018 Forum programme

Dr. Américo Muchanga
Dr. Américo Muchanga

Chairman of the Board
Autoridade Reguladora das Comunicações de Moçambique

Prof. Americo Muchanga is the Director General of the Regulator Authority of Communications (INCM). Previously, he served as Director of Planning at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), as Director and Head of the Systems and Operations Department of the UEM Informatics Center (CIUEM) and National Director of the National Institute of Meteorology of Mozambique (INAM). Prof. Muchanga coordinated the MEGCIP (Communication Infrastructure and Electronic Government Project) project of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Technical-Vocational Training and was a lecturer at EMU and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), one of Sweden's most prestigious universities. Mr. Muchanga’s graduated in Electrical Engineering, branch of Low Currents by UEM and doctorate in Interdomain Traffic Engineering and Faster Restoration in Optical Networks, by KTH in Sweden.