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Hakan Ohlsen
 Hakan Ohlsen

Director, Spectrum and Radio Technology Strategy
Ericsson GFTE Technology Strategy
Viet Nam


Håkan Ohlsén took his Ph.D. degree in Solid State Physics at Uppsala University in 1986, continued with research atthe Swedish Institute of Microelectronics in Stockholm, and was in 1990 appointed an Associate Professor at Uppsala University.

He joined Ericsson Sweden early in the year of 1995 working with radio interfaces for the 3rd Generation/IMT-2000 mobile systems and spent three years at the Ericsson office in Japan participating in the early standardization of WCDMA as well as in the set-upof 3GPP in the ARIB delegation.

Since 1999 he has been at the Ericsson Headquarters with focus on access standardization strategies. In 2004 he was elected Vice-Chairman the ITU group responsible for IMT and its evolution (today WP5D). Currently Håkan Ohlsén position is Director, Spectrum and Radio Technology Strategy in the Ericsson Group Function Technology, and is based at the Ericsson Hanoi office.