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Monitoring Programme band 406-406.1 MHz (Resolution 205, COSPAS-SARSAT)

This page provides consolidated information extracted from the reports received from Administrations participating in the monitoring programme in the band 406-406.1 MHz in application of Resolution 205(Rev. WRC-15). The objective of this programme is to identify and locate unauthorized emissions in the band 406-406.1 MHz that cause harmful interference to the reception of satellite EPIRB signals of the COSPAS-SARSAT system.

Upon receipt of the reports, the Radiocommunication Bureau immediately contacts the Administrations responsible for the area where the unauthorized transmitters are located, requesting them to take immediate action with a view to stopping the emissions.

For further information on the use of this system, click here.


Please define the criteria for data retrieval:          

Observer Administration:                     Geographical area of unauthorized emissions: 

 Frequency range:  from   MHz        to     MHz                   Site ID:   


Geographical location:    Latitude(DD.DDD):      Longitude(DD.DDD):      Radius(km): 


 Date of observation:        From:             To:                      

                                                            Total Number of observations retrieved:


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