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Rapporteur's Group Question details

Question 1/2
Creating smart cities and society: Employing information and communication technologies for sustainable social and economic development
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Expected output

The output expected from this Question will include:
a) Guidelines on policy approaches to facilitate the development of ICT applications in society, fostering social and economic development and growth.
b) Case studies on the application of IoT, communications and ICT applications in building SCCs, identifying the trends and best practices implemented by Member States as well as the challenges faced, in order to support sustainable development and foster smart societies in developing countries.
c) Increasing awareness among relevant participants regarding the adoption of open-source strategies for enabling access to telecommunications, and studying the drivers for increasing the degree of preparedness to use and develop open-source software to support telecommunications in developing countries, as well as creating opportunities for cooperation between ITU members by reviewing successful partnerships.
d) Analysis of factors affecting the efficient roll-out of connectivity to support ICT applications that enable e government applications in SCCs.
e) Organization of workshops, courses and seminars for the development of capacities allowing improved uptake of ICT applications and IoT.
f) Annual progress reports, which should include case studies, and a detailed final report containing measurement analysis, information and best practices, as well as any practical experience acquired in the areas of use of telecommunications and other means of enabling ICT applications and connecting devices for development of the smart society.
Question or issue for study
1) Discussion of and assistance in raising awareness on methods of improving connectivity to support the smart society, including connectivity to support smart grids, smart cities and ICT applications in public administration, transport, business, education and training, health, the environment, agriculture and science.
2) Examination of best practices for fostering and enabling deployment and use of smart devices, including mobile devices, and the importance of the application of such devices.
3) Survey of methods and examples of how software, both open-source and/or proprietary, enables connectivity of smart devices, thereby supporting smart services, cities and communities.
4) Definition of a measurement and performance benchmark for quality-of-life indicators in smart cities, and possible regulation and communication mechanisms that can be followed for good urban governance.
5) Sharing of experiences and best practices in building smart cities.
6) Promotion of capacity building and the acquisition of knowledge on ICTs for adoption of the skills required for development of a smart society.
7) Promotion of policy approaches that foster the economy, investment, innovation and development of the smart society, to support integration of ICTs in public administration, transport, business, education and training, health, the environment, agriculture and science.
8) Encouraging cooperation between developing and developed countries in order to bridge the digital and knowledge divide through technical and financial assistance, research programmes and voluntary technology transfer on mutually agreeable terms, enabling access to ICT applications in countries and regions where it has not yet been possible.
9) Telecommunication/ICT services for tourism that enhance economic growth in smart societies.
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