Tech Hubs in Africa after the Pandemic - 26/04/2023

International and Regional Organizations | International

Source: International Trade Center / ITU WSIS

The entrepreneurial support landscape in Africa is changing. Over the last ten years, a new generation of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) known as ‘tech hubs’ have emerged and rapidly spread across the continent. According to Afrilabs’ most recent survey -pre-pandemic-, 1031 hubs were operating across Africa in October 2021 “Tech hub” is a broad term that describes a diverse set of organizat (...)

ASEAN Post-COVID Digital Policy Priorities - How do COVID-19 and emerging economic drivers change ASEAN digital policy priorities? - 03/04/2023

International and Regional Organizations | International

Source: ASEAN

The economies of ASEAN span the full spectrum from high income to middle income to emerging. This inevitably means that they have different economic and social policy priorities. Nonetheless, all the nations of ASEAN have important common characteristics: they are located in one of the most economically regions of the world and they are relatively dependent on international trade. In a very real (...)

Financial Inclusion-Friendly government-to-person payment programs (G2P): Recommendations for Stakeholders - 27/10/2022

Technical Community and Civil Society | International

Source: CGAP

The recent COVID-19 pandemic saw an unprecedented response to the expansion of government-to-person payment programs (G2P) as countries adopted new ways to quickly transfer funds to their citizens. The World Bank estimates that roughly 760 million people have received G2P payments digitally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and that digital payment programs on average paid more quickly (...)

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