New Revenue Streams for Local Government - 11/12/2020
TELECOM/ICT Operators and Service Providers | Africa | South Africa
The need for Municipalities to come up with New Revenue Streams is well documented and acknowledged by Local Government. UN HABITAT, in its current document entitled THE STRATEGIC PLAN 2020-2023 UN HABITAT cites the need for Local Government to come up with new Revenue Streams given the inadequacy of existing revenues in providing Basic Services to Citizens. COMBTEK has conceptualized solutions to the above need with Local Government in mind, both in Emerging Markets and Developed Markets. To Kickstart discussions, we have provided the link below to request our White Paper in respect of the above and look forward to enquiries from Local Government in different parts of the globe as well as other interested parties. Our Solutions are ideal for a COVID-19 era given the inclination to Basic Services.