Gig enabling the unconnected - 15/01/2020
Technical Community and Civil Society | Asia & Pacific | India
Two from our team just made it back from a field visit to Mirzapur a day before lockdown. The plan was to introduce mesh networks and Pi recorders to get young women to share living stories from the community. But after COVID-19 lockdown, we had to re-strategise. The team started working from home and unsure of when we could physically travel again. Lockdown has been miserable for many migrant workers, craftspeople and daily wage earners. We focused on collecting stories and tools to help archive them. We have set up a *syncthing* instance to upload recordings from devices to the mesh and Janastu sync server. Shalini collected stories from our team, shepherds and reverse migrants. Sanketh has been photographing empty streets and crowded migration hotspots. Bhanu has been coordinating audio tagging and archival tool development. Mani has been helping make posters for online campaigns. Girish and the Community radio team have been visiting villages around and communicating safety and risks of Corona, also programming everyday expressions from villagers and students.On we published making and using reusable masks. Renarrated global messages from doctors into simple Kannada language. A disinformation awareness work started with Bidar Yuvaa group. Maker activities such as 3D printed mask prototypes, electric bicycles and UV corona elimination devices are worked on by Manoj. Supported a number of people and groups working on relief work in regions of our friends networks. Also working with Urban Folk Project on a post lockdown collaborative platform to map needs of interconnecting documents, services, artists and other resources to needs of disheartened communities. Shalini has stories of women including pastoral women. Girish has from village women including alcohol being an issue. Also from friends we know it's been a bad time for LGBT, people with HIV, muslims and many minorities.