Ms Dalsie Green Baniala
Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator's Office, Vanuatu

Dalsie Green Baniala is the Regulator heading the Vanuatu Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator’s Office. Her executive regulatory work experience covers a Small Size Telecommunications Market with a population of around 272,459 across 83 Islands of the country, 2 main mobile and 4 internet providers. Including with her core functions and roles on promoting sustainable market competition, management of Spectrum usage and Consumer Protection, she also provides oversight Management on the Government’s Universal Access Policy (UAP), Trust Account including the implementation of the Vanuatu Government’s unique and exciting Universal Access Policy which promotes a Play or Pay approach. As part of its role under the Telecommunications Act, it is also the manager and administrator for .vu ccTLD.

Ms. Baniala also serves as one of the Steering Committee member for the Pacific ICT Regulatory Resource Centre based in the University of the South Pacific which the Institution serves 9 member countries and also other non –member Pacific Island States.