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 List of Speakers in the General Debate
Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Opening, 10:00h-11:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Tunisia
    His Excellency Mr. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
  • 2. United Nations
    His Excellency Mr. K. Annan
    Secretary General
  • 3. Switzerland
    His Excellency Mr. Samuel Schmid
  • 4. International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    His Excellency Mr. Yoshio Utsumi
    Secretary General
  • 5. International Federation for Human Rights
    Ms. Shirin EBADI
    President of the Defenders of Human Rights Center
    On behalf of the Civil Society
  • 6. Intel Corporation
    Mr. Craig Barrett
    Chairman of the Board
    On behalf of the Business Community
  • 7. Preparatory Committee of the Tunis Phase of WSIS
    His Excellency Mr. Janis Karklins

First Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 11:00h-13:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Croatia
    His Excellency Mr. Stjepan Mesic
  • 2. Angola
    His Excellency Mr. Fernando Dias Dos Santos
    Prime Minister
  • 3. Equatorial Guinea
    His Excellency Mr. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
  • 4. Mozambique
    Her Excellency Mrs. Luisa Dias Diogo
    Prime Minister
  • 5. South Africa
    His Excellency Mr. Thabo Mbeki
  • 6. Comoros
    His Excellency Mr. Assoumani Azali
  • 7. Zimbabwe
    His Excellency Mr. Robert Mugabe
  • 8. Mauritania
    His Excellency Colonel Ely Ould Mohamed Vall
    President of Military Council for Justice and Democracy
  • 9. Algeria
    His Excellency Mr. Abdelaziz Bouteflika
  • 10. Qatar
    His Honour Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalifa Al-Thani
    Prime Minister
  • 11. Sudan
    His Excellency Mr. Omer Hassan Ahmed Elbashir
  • 12. Tajikistan
    His Excellency Mr. Emomali Rahmonov
  • 13. Ghana
    His Excellency Mr. Alhaji Aliu Mahama
  • 14. Namibia
    The Right Honourable Libertina Amathila
    Deputy Prime Minister
  • 15. Cuba
    His Excellency Mr. Roberto Ignacio Gonzales Planas
    Minister of Computer Science and Communications
  • 16. Alcatel
    Mr. Serge Tchuruk
    Chairman and CEO
  • 17. Corporation for National Research Initiatives
    Dr. Robert Kahn
    President and CEO
  • 18. United Nations University (UNU)
    Professor Hans van Ginkel
  • 19. Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO)
    Ms. Renate Bloem
  • 20. KDDI Corporation
    Mr. Tadashi Onodera
    President and Chairman

Second Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 15:00h-18:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Nepal
    His Majesty Bir Bikram Shah Gyanendra
  • 2. Mali
    His Excellency Mr. Ousmane Issoufi Mauga
    Prime Minister and Head of Government
  • 3. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Mr. Ivo Miro Jovic
    Chairperson of the Presidency
  • 4. Lesotho
    The Right Honourable Pakalitha Bethuel Mosisili
    Prime Minister
  • 5. Nigeria
    His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
  • 6. Congo
    His Excellency Mr. Denis Sassou-Nguesso
  • 7. Gabon
    His Excellency Mr. Jean Francois Ntoutoume Emane
    Prmie Minister
  • 8. Central African Rep.
    His Excellency Mr. Francois Bozize Yangouvonda
  • 9. Latvia
    Her Excellency Mrs. Vaira Vike-Freiberga
  • 10. Lebanon
    His Excellecy General Emile Lahoud
  • 11. Senegal
    His Excellency Mr. Abdoulaye Wade
  • 12. Tonga
    His Royal Highness Lavaka ata Ulukalala
    Prime Minister
  • 13. Zambia
    His Honour Lupando Mwape
    Vice President
  • 14. Botswana
    His Honour Seretse Khama Ian Khama
    Vice President Lt. Gen.
  • 15. Serbia
    His Excellency Mr. Zoran Sami
    President of the Assembly
  • 16. Palestine
    His Excellency Mr. Mahmoud Abbas
  • 17. Israel
    His Excellency Mr. Silvan Shalom
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • 18. United Kingdom
    The Right Honourable Alun Michael
    Minister of State for Industry and Regions
  • 19. India
    His Excellency Dayanidhi Maran
    Minister for Communications and Information Technology
  • 20. International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)
    Professor Divina Frau-Meigs
    On behalf of Civil Society Education, Academia and Research Taskforce
  • 21. World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
    Mr. Michel Jaraud
  • 22. Vivendi Universal
    Mr. Jean-Bernard Levy
    Chairman of the Management Board and CEO
  • 23. ECPAT International
    Mr. Mark Capaldi
    Deputy Director
    On behalf of Civil Society Children's Rights Caucus

Third Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 18:00h-20:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Spain
    His Excellency Mr. José Montilla Aguilera
    Minister of Indurstry, Trade and Tourism
  • 2. Ukraine
    His Excellency Mr. Viktor Bondar
    Minister of Transport and Communications
  • 3. Hungary
    His Excellency Mr. Kálmán Kovács
    Minister Informatics and Communications
  • 4. Brazil
    His Excellency Mr. Gilberto Gil
    Minister of Culture
  • 5. Finland
    Her Excellency Ms. Mari Kiviniemi
    Minister for Foreign Trade and Development
  • 6. Italy
    His Excellency Mr. Lucio Stanca
    Minister of Innovation and Technologies
  • 7. Greece
    His Excellency Mr. Michael Liapis
    Minister of Transport and Communications
  • 8. Mexico
    His Excellency Mr. Jorge Alvarez Hoth
    Under Minister
  • 9. Germany
    Dr. Bernd Pfaffenbach
    State Secretary of Economy
  • 10. Ireland
    Mr. Brendan Tuohy
    Secretary General
  • 11. Monaco
    His Excellency Mr. Philippe Blanchi
    Ambassador and Permanent representative
  • 12. European Community
    Ms. Viviane Reding
  • 13. Andorra
    Ambassador Francesc Bonet Casas
    Ambassador and Pemanent Representative
  • 14. Huawei
    Mr. Tao Deng
    Vice President
  • 15. International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
    Dr. Florence E. Etta-Akinaina
    Co-ordinator ICT Policy Project Kenya
    On behalf of The Telecentre Caucus
  • 16. The World Bank
    Ms. Katherine Sierra
    Vice President
  • 17. Microsoft International
    Mr. Jean-Philippe Courtois
  • 18. University of Toronto
    Mr. Derrick De Kerckhove
    Director, McLuhan Program, Faculty of Information Studies
  • 19. ZTE Corporation
    Mr. Lirong Shi
    Senior Vice President
  • 20. AHCIET
    Mr. Luis Di Benedetto

Thursday, 17 November 2005

Fourth Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 09:00h-13:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Morocco
    His Excellency Mr. Driss Jettou
    Prime Minister
  • 2. China
    His Excellency Mr. Ju Huang
    Deputy Prime Minister
  • 3. Kuwait
    His Excellency Mr. Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Ssabah
    Minister of Communications
  • 4. Bulgaria
    Mr. Plamen Vatchkov
    Chairman of the State agency for Information Technology and Communications
  • 5. Lithuania
    His Excellency Mr. Antanas Zenonas Kaminskas
    Chancellor of the Government
  • 6. Mauritius
    His Excellency Etienne Sinatambou
    Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • 7. Philippines
    His Excellency Mr. Virgilion L. Perna
    Chairman of the Philippine Commission on Information and Communication Technology
  • 8. Singapore
    His Excellency Dr. Boon Yang Lee
    Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts Information, Communications and the Arts
  • 9. United Arab Emirates
    His Excellency Mr. Sultan Al Mmansouri
    Minister of Communications
  • 10. Estonia
    His Excellency Mr. Edgar Savisaar
    Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • 11. Jordan
    Her Excellency Ms. Nadia Al-Saeed
    Minister of Information and Communication Technology
  • 12. Russia
    His Excellency Mr. Leonid D. Reiman
    Minister for Information Technologies and Communications
  • 13. Syria
    His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Bashir Al Mounajed
    Minister of Telecommunications and Technology
  • 14. Thailand
    His Excellency Mr. Sora-at Klinpratoom
    Minister of Information and Communication
  • 15. Korea (Rep. of)
    His Excellency Mr. Jun-Hyong Roh
    Vice Minister of Information and Communication
  • 16. Myanmar
    Mr. Nyunt Swe
    Deputy Permanent Representative
  • 17. Sri Lanka
    Her Excellency Sarala Fernando
  • 18. Tanzania
    Professor Mark J Mwandosya
    Minister of Communications and Transport
  • 19. Denmark
    Mr. Uffe Toudal Pedersen
    Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Science, technology and Innovation
  • 20. Iceland
    Mr. Gudmundur Arnason
    Permanent Secretary
  • 21. Oman
    His Excellency Sheikh Al Fadel bin Mohamed Bin Ahmed Al-Harthy
    Undersecretary for Development Affairs
  • 22. Slovenia
    Dr. Janez Mozina
    State Secretary
  • 23. Trinidad and Tobago
    Ms. Gillian MacIntyre
    Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Administration and Information
  • 24. Pakistan
    His Excellency Masood Khan
  • 25. Belgium
    His Excellency Francois Roux
  • 26. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
    Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura
    Director General
  • 27. France Telecom
    Mr. Didier Lombard
  • 28. International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    Mr. Yoshio Utsumi
  • 29. Centre Feminin pour la Promotion du Developpement (CEFEPROD)
    Ms. Delphine Nana Mekounter
    General Coordinator
    On behalf of Civil Society African Family
  • 30. NTT DoCoMo Inc.
    Mr. Masao Nakamura
    President and CEO
  • 31. International Federation of Journalists
    Mr. Aidan White
    Secretary General
  • 32. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
    Mr. Abdoulie Janneh
    Executive Secretary
  • 33. Access2Democracy
    Professor Nicholas Negroponte
    Chairman of the MIT MIT Media Lab and Founder of One Laptop per Child
    On behalf of a $100 Laptop Initiative

Fifth Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 14:00h-16:45h GMT+1

  • 1. Armenia
    His Excellency Mr. Andranik Margaryan
    Prime Minister
  • 2. Netherlands
    His Excellency Mr. Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst
    Vice Prime Minister
  • 3. Liechtenstein
    Dr. Martin Meyer
    Minister of Transport and Telecommunications
  • 4. Indonesia
    His Excellency Dr. Sofyan A. Djalil
    Minister for Communication and Information Technology
  • 5. Chile
    His Excellency Mr. Carlos Alvarez
    Minister of Economy
  • 6. Ethiopia
    His Excellency Mr. Tefera Waluwa
    Minister of Capacity Building
  • 7. Moldova
    His Excellency Mr. Vladimir Molojen
    Minister of Information Development
  • 8. Czech Rep.
    Her Excellency Mrs. Dana Berova
    Minister of Informatics
  • 9. Viet Nam
    His Excellency Mr. Do Trung Ta
  • 10. Japan
    His Excellency Mr. Heizo Takenaka
    Minister of Internal Affairs and Communicaions
  • 11. Portugal
    His Excellency Professor José Mariano Gago
    Minister of Sciences, Technologies, and Higher Education
  • 12. Slovakia
    His Excellency Mr. Pavol Prokopovic
    Minister of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications
  • 13. Dem. Rep. of the Congo
    Her Excellency Gertrude Kitembo
    Minitster of Posts, Telephones and Telecommunications
  • 14. Turkey
    His Excellency Mr. Binali Yildirim
    Minister of Transport
  • 15. Norway
    Mr. Raymond Johansen
    State Secretary for Foreign Affairs
  • 16. Poland
    His Excellency Janusz Stanczyk
    Undersecretary of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 17. Kazakhstan
    Mr. Kairat Abusseitov
    Permanent Representative
  • 18. Uruguay
    Mr. Ricardo Gonzalez Arenas
  • 19. Sweden
    Her Excellency Astrid Dufborg
  • 20. Digital Solidarity Fund
    Mr. Guy-Olivier Segond
  • 21. SK Telecom
    Mr. Jung Nam Cho
    Vice Chairman and CEO
  • 22. World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA)
    Mrs. Bruna Molina Faidutti
    Deputy Secretary General
    On behalf of Civil Society Human Rights Caucus
  • 23. OneWorld International
    Ms. Latha Gauri
    Community Reporter, Member of Self Help Group, Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
    On behalf of Civil Society Grassroots Caucus

Fifth Plenary Meeting, Report from Multi-stakeholder Events, 16:45h-17:00h GMT+1

  • 1. World Electronic Media forum II
    Mr. Jean Reveillon
    President of the WEMF Association
  • 2. Measuring the Information Society
    Mr. José Luis Machinea
    Executive Secretary of UNECLAC

Sixth Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 17:00h-20:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Switzerland
    His Excellency Mr. Moritz Leuenberger
    Vice President
  • 2. Jamaica
    His Excellency The Honourable Burchell Whiteman
    Minister of Information
  • 3. Colombia
    Her Excellency Dr. Martha Pinto De Hart
    Minister of Communications
  • 4. Egypt
    His Excellency Dr. Tarek Kamel
    Minister of Communication and Information Technology
  • 5. France
    His Excellency Mr. Thierry Breton
    Minister of economy, finances and industry
  • 6. Guatemala
    Engineer Oscar Chinchilla Guzman
    Superintendente de Telecommunicationes
  • 7. Austria
    His Excellency Mr. Franz Morak
    State Secretary at the Federal Chancellery
  • 8. Romania
    His Excellency Mr. Zsolt Nagy
    Minister of Communications and Information Technology
  • 9. Bhutan
    His Excellency Lyonpo Leki Dorji
    Minister for Information and Communication
  • 10. The Former Yugoslav Rep. of Macedonia
    His Excellency Mr. Dzemali Mehazi
    Minister of Transport
  • 11. Dominican Rep.
    Her Excellency Dr. Margarita Cedeno De Fernandez
    First Lady and Minister
  • 12. Georgia
    His Excellency Mr. Alexander Lomaia
    Minister of Education and Science
  • 13. Honduras
    Mr. Jesus A. Meja
    Comissionor of National Commission of Telecommunications
  • 14. El Salvador
    Mr. Eduardo Calix
    Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Presidential Commissioner for Puebla Panama
  • 15. Argentina
    Mr. Tulio Del Bono
    Secretary of Science and Technology
  • 16. Australia
    Ms. Fay Holthuyzen
    Deputy Secretary of Communications, Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
  • 17. Nicaragua
    His Excellency Mr. William Jacoby Salazar
    Executive Secretary of the Council of Science and Technolgy
  • 18. New Zealand
    Mr. Winston Roberts
    Information Strategist, National Library
  • 19. Canada
    Honourable Mac Harb
    Member of the Senate
  • 20. Marshall Islands
    Mr. Jorelik Tibnon
    Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation
  • 21. Malta
    Her Excellency Tanya Vella
  • 22. Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN)
    Ms. Magaly Pazello
    Focal Point for WSIS
    On behalf of Civil Society Gender Caucus
  • 23. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    Mr. Guy Sebban
    Secretary General
  • 24. United Nations Fund for International Partnership (UNFIP)
    Mr. Amir Dossal
    Executive Director
  • 25. Iranian Civil Society Organizations Training and Research Center
    Ms. Sussan Tahmasebi
    Founding Member
    On behalf of Civil Society Middle East and West Asia Family
  • 26. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    Mr. Philippe Petit
    Deputy Director General

Friday, 18 November 2005

Seventh Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 09:00h-13:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Swaziland
    His Excellency Mr. Absalom Themba Dlamini
    Prime Minister
  • 2. Vatican
    His Excellency Archbishop John Patrick Foley
  • 3. Barbados
    Her Excellency Ms. Lynette Eastmond
    Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
  • 4. Bangladesh
    The Right Honourable Abdul Moyeen Khan
    Minister of Science and Information Communication Technology
  • 5. Malaysia
    His Excellency Lim Keng Yauk
    Minister of Energy Water and Communications
  • 6. Yemen
    His Excellency Mr. Abdulamlik Al-Moalemi
    Minister of Communication
  • 7. Maldives
    His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Saeed
    Minister of Transport and Communication
  • 8. Samoa
    His Honour Palusalue Faapo II
    Minister of Communications and Information Technology
  • 9. Azerbaijan
    His Excellency Mr. Ali Abbasov
    Minister for Communications and Information Technologies
  • 10. Brunei Darussalam
    His Honour Pehin Dato Abu Bakar Apong
    Minister of Communication
  • 11. United States of America
    His Excellency Dr. John Marburger
    Special Representative of President and President's Science and Technology Adviser
  • 12. Timor Leste
    His Excellency Dr. Ovidio De Jesus Amaraé
    Minister of Transport and Communications
  • 13. Malawi
    Her Excellency Ms. Patricia Kaliati
    Minister of Information and Tourism
  • 14. Afghanistan
    His Excellency Amirzai Sangin
    Minister of Communication
  • 15. Iran (Islamic Rep. of)
    His Excellency Professor Mohammad Soleymani
    Minister of Communication and Technology
  • 16. Guinea
    Her Excellency Hadja Aissatou Bela Diallo
    Minister of Information
  • 17. Benin
    His Excellency Mr. Frederic Dohou
    Minister of Communication and Promotion of New Technology
  • 18. Kenya
    Mr. James Rege
    Permanent Secretary
  • 19. Ecuador
    Dr. Juan Carlos Solines Moreno
    President of the National Council of Telecommunications-CONATEL
  • 20. Cyprus
    Mr. Chalalambos Soteriou
    Planning Officer for ICT Strategy
  • 21. Uzbekistan
    Mr. Asadjon Khodjaev
    Deputy Director-General of Communications and Information Agency
  • 22. Belarus
    His Excellency Sergei Aleinik
  • 23. Uganda
    His Excellency Kweronda Ruhemba
  • 24. Albania
    Mr. Armand Teliti
    Deputy Minister of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication
  • 25. Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
    Mr. Pier Ferdinando Casini
  • 26. IP Justice
    Ms. Robin D. Gross
    Executive Director
  • 27. Universal Postal Union (UPU)
    Mr. Edouard Dayan
  • 28. African Development Bank (AfDB)
    Mr. Donald Kaberuka
  • 29. World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO)
    Mr. Mohamed Tijani Bem Jemaa
    Vice Chairman of The Committee on Information and Communication
    On behalf of Civil Society Science and Technology Community
  • 30. United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
    Mr. Marcel A. Boisard
    Executive Director
  • 31. Council of Europe
    Ms. Maud de Boer Buquicchio
    Deputy Secretary General
  • 32. Internet Society (ISOC)
    Ms. Lynn St Amour
  • 33. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
    Mr. Shoji Nishimoto
    Assistant Administrator

Eighth Plenary Meeting, General Debate, 14:00h-16:00h GMT+1

  • 1. Micronesia
    Honourable Andrew Robert Yatilman
    Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Communications and Infrastructure
  • 2. Saudi Arabia
    His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Jamil Mulla
    Minister of Communication and IT
  • 3. Burkina Faso
    His Excellency Mr. Adama Fofana
    Minister for Relations with Parliament and Spokesman of Government
  • 4. Libya
    His Excellency Abdul Rahmane Mohamed Chalghom
    Minister of Foreign Affair
  • 5. Niger
    His Excellency Mr. Oumarou Hadary
    Minister of ICT
  • 6. Lao P.D.R.
    His Excellency Professor Bountiem Phissamay
    Minister to the Prime Minister's Office
  • 7. Gambia
    Honourable Nenneh MacDoual-Gaye
    Secretary of State for Communication, Information & Technology
  • 8. Kyrgyzstan
    His Excellency Mr. Muktar Djumaliev
    Ambassador and Permanent Representative
  • 9. Venezuela
    Her Excellency Raquel Alexandra Poitevien Cabral
  • 10. Bolivia
    Engineer Sergio Antonio Toro
    Executive Director
  • 11. Peru
    Mr. Rafael Muente
    Chief of the Bureau of E-government and Information Technologies
  • 13. Souvereign Military Order of Malta
    His Excellency Dr. Franz Graf von Harnoncourt-Unverzagt
    President, Council for Communications
  • 14. PrepCom of the Geneva Phase
    His Excellency Mr. Adama Samassekou

Eighth Plenary Meeting, Report from Multi-stakeholder Events, 16:00h-17:30h GMT+1

  • 1. National Youth Campaigns and Beyond Tunis as youth
    Ms. Titi Akinsanmi
    Global Facilitator of WSIS Youth Caucus of SchoolNet Africa
  • 2. The Business View on Critical Issues for the Information Society
    Mr. Richard McCormick
    Honorary Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • 3. Information Commons for Science Initiative
    Professor Shuichi Iwata
    President of CODATA of the International Council for Science
  • 4. African Research and Education Networking
    Mr. Robert Aymar
    Director General of CERN
  • 5. UNESCO's Parallel Events during the Tunis phase of WSIS
    Ms. Elizabeth Longworth
    Director of Information Society Division of UNESCO
  • 6. Message of Youth to Heads of State and Government and to International Organizations
    Miss. Inès Chermiti
    Association Jeunes-Sciences de Tunisie
    On behalf of Congres Mondial des Jeunes
  • 7. Indigenous Peoples and the Information Society
    Mr. Joe Shirley, Jr
    President of Navajo Nation / OCCAM
  • 8. UN ICT Tast Force and its contribution to the WSIS process
    Mr. José Antonio Ocampo
    Under-Secretary-General of UN
  • 9. UTICA's events during the Tunis Phase of WSIS
    Mr. Mondher Ben Ayed
    Union Tunisienne pour l'Industrie, le Commerce et l'Artisanat (UTICA)
  • 10. Second World Summit of Cities and Local Authorities on the Information Society
    Mr. Karmelo Saenz de la Maza / Mr. Abbes Moshen
    President of the Basque Association of Municipalities / Mayor of Tunis and President of the Tunisian Association of municipalities//AMRSI
  • 11. Libraries - the Information Society in Action
    Dr. Alex Byrne
    President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  • 12. Conferences and Campaign on Volunteering and ICTs
    Ms. Viola Krebs
    Secretary-General of IC Volunteers
  • 13. Global Forum on Disability in the Information Society
    Mr. Hiroshi Kawamura
    Representative for WSIS of the DAISY Consortium
  • 14. WSIS Implementation: Gender Caucus past, present and post Tunis
    Ms. Lettie Tembo-Longwe
    WSIS Gender Caucus Interim Chairperson/World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
  • 15. Report on Roundtable for a Multilingual Cyberspace with the Participation of All in the Information and Shared Knowledge Society
    Her Excellency Prof. Essayed Nagia
    Commissioner of the African Union
  • 16. Open Access to Scientific Information
    Dr. Francis Muguet
    Director of the Scientific Information Development Laboratory of ENSTA
  • 17. Global Knowledge Partnership Forum
    Miss. Rinalia Abdul Rahim
    Executive Director of the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP)
  • 18. ITU's Events during the Tunis phase of WSIS
    Mr. Roberto Blois
    Deputy Secretary General of ITU

Eighth Plenary Meeting, Final Session, Closing, 17:30h-18:00h GMT+1

  • 1. International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    His Excellency Mr. Yoshio Utsumi
  • 1. Switzerland
    His Excellency Mr. Moritz Leuenberger
    Vice President
  • 1. Tunisia
    His Excellency Mr. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali


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