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World Summit on the Information Society


Document: WSIS-05/TUNIS/ADM/5-E
Date: 24 October 2005
Original: English
Note from the Secretary-General

The following rules shall apply to all parallel events which are held inside the Summit Perimeter of the World Summit on the Information Society at the Kram PalExpo, Tunis:

  1. All Event Organizers and participants should observe the rules for allocation of facilities to parallel events inside the Summit perimeter, as decided by the Joint Committee and available on the WSIS website at The Event Organizer shall ensure that the Event and its participants address the theme presented in the application for facilities, and shall not deviate from it.
  2. All parallel events shall be open to participants with a WSIS badge or a WSIS media badge, subject to space availability, and with the exception of Roundtables.
  3. Event Organizers may reserve a limited number of seats for members of their own organization and special guests. An ample number of seats should always remain available for other participants and for the media.
  4. Only accredited media participants with a media badge are allowed to film inside a parallel events room.
  5. Event Organizers shall take special care to ensure the orderly conduct of Events, in particular:
    1. In case of panel discussions and expert panels, the Event Organizer shall take care, to the extent possible, that there is a balanced composition of the panel.
    2. The Event Organizer shall leave adequate time for discussion and, during the discussion period, give the floor to delegates representing different points of view.
    3. The chair of the Event shall take all necessary precautions that the discussions are held in an atmosphere of mutual respect, fairness, tolerance and non-violence.
    4. The chair shall at all times see to it that the discussion allows for an open dialogue and an exchange of ideas, and that this exchange takes place on a non-discriminatory basis. Persons trying to hinder other persons to express freely their opinion should be called to order.
  6. The Event Organizer will inform UN Security if a person or persons hinder excessively the normal proceedings of an Event by using consistently and repeatedly offensive language or clearly abusing their status of a delegate or delegates of an accredited entity in a pattern of acts or speeches contrary to the purpose and principles of the United Nations including unsubstantiated or politically motivated acts against Member States of the United Nations incompatible with those purposes and principles (Article 57 a of the ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31). The Secretary-General of the Summit will decide on any necessary measures, including confiscation of badges, and may report to the ECOSOC Secretariat in case the delegate or delegates are registered by an entity in consultative status with ECOSOC.