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A snapshot of ITU’s assistance to the Americas
Contributed by the ITU Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean
Photo credit: ITU
From left to right: Luiz Novaes, Partner with Advisia; Brahima Sanou, Director of ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau; and Ambassador Ronaldo Sardenberg, President of ANATEL, after signing the contract

Brazil’s ANATEL to develop cost modelling for telecommunication services through a consortium

The Brazilian government takes the view that the rates and prices for interconnection and availability of elements of the telecommunication network should be set on the basis of a longrun cost model. Thus, at the request of the Brazilian Regulatory Agency, Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL), ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) managed a tender process which ended with the selection of a consortium of consulting companies to support ANATEL in the development of cost-modelling for telecommunication services.

On 25 August 2011, BDT Director, Brahima Sanou, was in Brasilia for the signing of a USD 8.22 million contract with the winning company Advisia Management Consulting, which will implement this project in consortium with Analysys Mason and Grant Thornton. Mr Sanou underlined the importance of the work that will be undertaken under the terms of the contract for ANATEL, for the Brazilian market and for Brazil’s users of information and communication technologies. “ITU is proud to be part of this important mission, and of the trust that Brazil has placed in our work,” he said.

The consortium will undertake a study to provide ANATEL with the knowledge, models, applications and software needed to determine the cost-based values, as well as benchmark rates, for the interconnection of mobile services; operation of leased lines; and interconnection of fixed services. Also present at the signing ceremony were: the President of ANATEL, Ronaldo Sardenberg; the Executive Superintendent of ANATEL, Simone Scholze; Partner with Advisia, Luiz Novaes; and the new Director of ITU’s Americas Regional Office, Hector Huerta.

Advisia has two years to complete the work. The contract will be managed and monitored by the ITU Regional Office for Americas and the Caribbean in close coordination with ITU Procurement and BDT’s Regulatory and Market Environment Division, which will provide support in the form of ITU costmodelling specialists. The ITU Information Service Department will also provide support through a specialist in information and technology.


Capacity-building activities through the Centre of Excellence for the Americas region

Initially a regional mechanism for knowledge sharing and a network for capacity building, the Centre of Excellence for the Americas region has consolidated its diversified portfolio and critical mass of training programmes. By the end 2010, it had achieved self-sustainability both in terms of relevance to the ICT sector in the region and from a financial point of view.

In a new project (number 9RLA11009), which started in April 2011 and is expected to end in December 2012, the Centre of Excellence and its nodes are offering online training, carried out through the ITU Academy. From April to July 2011, the Centre of Excellence delivered online courses in the areas of: negotiation strategies on the telecommunications sector; opportunities and advantages of the new technologies; and e-business. The Centre of Excellence also held the fourth Congress on ICT and Telecommunication, a face-to-face event which attracted 134 participants.


Support to the telecommunications regulatory authority in Peru

ITU has provided assistance to the regulatory authority of Peru, Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones (OSIPTEL), under a revised project signed in 2011. In addition, ITU delivered a presentation during a major conference organized by OSIPTEL within the scope of the celebration of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, under the theme “Better life in rural communities with information and communication technologies”.

The original project (number 9-PER/04/026) was signed by OSIPTEL and ITU in 2004, and mainly aimed at contributing to the professional updating of the staff of OSIPTEL through capacity-building activities organized by international organizations, along with assisting in the organization and implementation of courses in the field of telecommunications. The project was also expected to promote OSIPTEL’s participation in the main relevant international telecommunication events, and to cooperate in the organization of national and international events in the fields of regulation of telecommunication services and market development in a competitive environment.

Because of changes in the Peruvian authorities, and the different priorities set by the regulatory authority, OSIPTEL decided to establish new priorities and implement the project. Following the successful conference, other activities are being discussed.


Training Brazilian telecommunication professionals

In another technical cooperation project, ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau recently assisted the Brazilian Regulatory Agency (ANATEL) to train some of its staff, as well as staff from the Ministry of Communications and other public institutions.

The training was based on an Advanced Special Programme developed and delivered by the National Institute of Telecommunications (INATEL) in close coordination and under the supervision of ITU. The programme focused on: a historical perspective of the telecommunications sector in Brazil and in the world; topics relevant to telecommunication regulation; and economic management of telecommunication services, including the protection of consumer rights.

The programme was designed to train 200 students, of which 190 were staff members of ANATEL. Course modules were completed by 196 students and the programme was implemented successfully.


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