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ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009: Special report: Reflecting new needs and realities
Looking ahead to celebrating the 40th anniversary of TELECOM WORLD in 2011

Looking ahead to celebrating the 40th anniversary of ITU TELECOM in 2011 For the first time, each Forum session and round table discussion at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 featured interactive question and answer sessions — with a ‘ban’ on electronic presentations. This more open, dynamic approach was key to allowing collaboration between participants and the sharing of best practice and case studies. ITU will organize a celebration of the 40th anniversary of ITU TELECOM WORLD in Geneva in 2011 to mark the event’s founding in 1971. Looking ahead, ITU Deputy Secretary- General Houlin Zhao and Acting Executive Manager of ITU TELECOM said, “we are already working with our partners to put together an exceptional 40th anniversary event that will feature even more interactivity, more top-level debate, and more exciting new technologies.”


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