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FG-VM for meeting []
In response to: FG-VM-LS2 (O-011)
Source: ITU-T Study Group 12
Title: LS/r on feedback on incoming LS from FG-VM (reply to FG-VM-LS2)
Reference: Ref.: SG12-TD876
Approval date: 2019-05-16
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SG12-LS80LS/r on feedback on incoming LS from FG-VM (reply to FG-VM-LS2)SG12FG-VM; 2019-05-16
FG-VM-LS2 (O-011)LS on request for inputs on the Vehicular Multimedia technical report and to invite participation from relevant stakeholdersFG-VMISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11; ATIS; DVB; ITU-R WP 5A; ITU-R SG 6; 3GPP TSG SA1; ARIB; 3GPP TSG SA3; 3GPP TSG SA2; ETSI TC ITS; SAE; 3GPP TSG SA4; ISO TC 22; ISO TC 204; CEN/TC 278; TIA TR-48; EBU; SG9; SG12; SG16; SG17; SG20; UNECE CS/OTA; UNECE/WP.29; 5GAA; CCSA TC10; 1609 WG; IETF IPWAVE WG; IMDA; TIAA; TTA PG905; Connected Car WG; Automotive WG; WWRF Connected Car VIP WG; IEEE 802.11 TGbd; IEC SEG11; ISO TC 241; UNECE/WP.1; 2019-03-19