Information Note - BR IFIC 2658

Summary of updates

1. Article 11 procedure

Number of Notices per BR IFIC Part

Part I

Part II

Part III







Number of Notices per Administration and Service

Broadcasting services (sound and television)

Other terrestrial services (Fixed, mobile, radionavigation, etc)

D: 4, RUS: 17

AZE: 53, BLR: 15, BRU: 2, F: 2603, IRN: 467, KOR: 241, LVA: 184, MDA: 115, POR: 1, RUS: 1740, SRB: 9

2. Regional Agreements – Plan modification procedure

2.1 GE84 PLAN - Assignment ZHOVTEN, 105.8MHz, 084038380, UKR

At the request of the Administration of Ukraine, the above assignment has been reinstated in the GE84 frequency Plan. The assignment was removed from the Plan (refer to Part C of SS GE84/157) as a result of an erroneous request of its suppression.


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BR/TSD/TPR - 24 November 2009