Information Note - BR IFIC 2654

1. Summary of updates

1.1 Article 11 procedure

Number of Notices per BR IFIC Part

Part I

Part II

Part III







Number of Notices per Administration and Service

Broadcasting services (sound and television)

Other terrestrial services (Fixed, mobile, radionavigation, etc)

KOR: 194, RUS: 31, CYP: 1, EGY: 18, OMA: 6, RUS: 39

ARG: 194, ARM: 186, AUS: 4, AUT: 55, AZE: 570, BEL: 35, CAN: 86, IRN: 271, J: 10, KGZ: 305, KOR: 586, LVA: 101, MCO: 1, MDA: 108, RUS: 4719, SVN: 36

1.2 Regional Agreements – Plan modification procedure


Notices published in Special Section GE06/37
Part A1 Part B1 Part C1 Total GE06D Part A2 Part B2 Part C2 Total GE06A Total
34 6 0 40 6 0 0 6 46


Notices published in Special Section GE84/157
Part A Part B Part C Total
0 759 2 761


Notices published in Special Section GE75/122
Part A Part B Part C Total
45 37 0 82

1.3 Regional Agreements – GE06L

Notices published in Special Section GE06L/3:

2. Recent changes on the BR IFIC Web page: New column "MDB Extract"

As from BR IFIC 2650, the Radiocommunication Bureau provides additional information under this column as described below.

The file contains an extract from the DVD with all frequency assignments/allotments to stations of Terrestrial services updated in this BR IFIC (Parts I, II and III). In other words, the content of this file is equivalent to performing the "latest publication" query from the BR IFIC DVD.

Once unzipped from, the data contained in file ific2654.mdb may be consulted using the software TerRaQ (option "File/Import"). The installation of TerRaQ is only available from the BR IFIC DVD. It is not necessary to reinstall TerRaQ each time from the DVD unless otherwise indicated due to changes in the software and/or database structure.

Click here to see a video example (The Video Codec can be downloaded from:  Video Codec XviD-1.1.2-01112006).



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BR/TSD/TPR - 5 October 2009