GE06Calc Calculations related to the GE06 Plan

GE06 Calc is a PC based application designed to assist administrations in the calculations related to the GE06 Plan for sound and television broadcasting services. The application reads electronic notice files and performs unofficial conformity examinations with respect to the GE06 Plan, for notices needing to be examined for conformity under Article 4 or Article 5 of the RRC-06 agreement.

GE06 Calc is a complement to the BRIFIC (Terrestrial) DVD and it is recommended that the latest BRIFIC is installed so that characteristics of frequency assignments and proposed modifications are available.

GE06 Calc also allows viewing of compatibility analysis results MDB files.

The program is available in English, French, Russian, Arabic and Spanish, as translation resources permit.


Hardware requirements


  • Minimum installation requirements:
    • Windows 2000, XP
    • BRIFIC DVD installed
    • 256 MB RAM




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GE06Calc (

How to run GE06Calc with the new BRIFIC DVD
Troubleshooting Information


Bug reports


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  • GE06 Calc is intended to be an easy-to-use tool for administrations to unofficially examine the conformity of notices with respect to the GE06 Plan before sending them to the BR.
  • To be able to benefit from GE06 Calc features, please first install the BRIFIC (Terrestrial) DVD applications and database on your PC. Conformity examinations will be performed taking into account the GE06 Plan and MIFR data on the BRIFIC DVD.
  • Please make sure that the notice files to be examined for conformity have been validated by software tools such as the GE06 Digital Broadcasting Notice Processing Tool, TerRaNV, TerRaNotices or similar software, before opening such files in GE06 Calc.