Sub-Sahara African GE06 Frequency Coordination Meetings

Presentations and exercises  
General procedure of GE06 Plan modification and overview on GE06 software (I. Ghazi)
Define the task (P. Hai)

Exercises docs, pptx (A. Manara, F. Traoré)

Relevant Meetings  
Final ATU Nairobi meeting:
     Iteration Nairobi-2 (19.07.2013): results, notices, statistics
     Iteration Nairobi-1 (17.07.2013): results, notices, statistics
ECOWAS Abuja, Nigeria:
     Iteration ECOWAS-2 (05.07.2013): results, notices.
     Iteration ECOWAS-1 (04.07.2013): results, notices.
SADC Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe:
     Iteration 29-SADC-2 (20.06.2013): results, notices, statistics.
     Iteration 29-SADC-1 (19.06.2013): results, notices, statistics.
ATU Kampala Final Report
ATU Bamako Final Report