Information Note - BR IFIC 2685

Summary of updates

1. Article 11 procedure

Number of Notices per BR IFIC Part

Part I

Part II

Part III


7692 1611 2 9305


Number of Notices per Administration and Service
Broadcasting services (sound and television) Other terrestrial services (Fixed, mobile, radionavigation, etc)
D: 12, RRW: 1, RUS: 3, SUI: 53, VEN: 2, VTN: 1 BEL: 5, BLR: 26, CAN: 3, F: 3499, HOL: 1, IRN: 3762, MDA: 304, RUS: 1633


2. Regional Agreements - Plan modification procedures

Notices published in Special Section GE84/182
Part A Part B Part C Total
230 217 1 448


Notices published in Special Section GE75/125*
Part A Part B1 Part B2 Total
31 33 1 65

 * Please note that Special Section GE75/125 in PDF format is located under the directory "Special Section" of the drive corresponding to the DVD-ROM.

3. Change in the database

Column hgt_agl (height of antenna above ground level) in the table lfmf_oper_r13 (Item Ref. AP4, 9E) has been renamed to ant_hgt_m (transmitting antenna’s physical length, Item Ref. AP4 9EP) required for the GE75 Regional Agreement.


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BR/TSD/TPR - 17 December 2010