Preface by Valery Timofeev, Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the fourth edition of the ITU-R e-Flash.

In 2010, preparations for WRC-12 are well under way, leading to finalization of the draft Report for the Conference Preparatory Meeting in February 2011.

An intensive programme of work for the Radio Regulations Board is envisaged.

The 5 high-priority outputs (in no particular order of priority) for ITU-R have been identified in the four-year operational plan for the Radiocommunication Sector 2010-2013.

  • World and regional radiocommunication conferences

  • Processing of space and terrestrial notices processing (there is no longer a backlog in satellite network filings and updated software to process notices on terrestrial services (to cover changes decided by WRC-07) has been almost entirely implemented.)

  • ITU-R Study Groups

  • ITU-R Publications

  • Assistance to members

Valery Timofeev,
Radiocommunication Bureau
International Telecommunication Union



Photo: Mr Valery Timofeev, Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau, opening the World Radiocommunication Seminar (WRS-08) in Geneva. Photo credits: ITU / V. Martin




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