Preface by Valery Timofeev, Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau

The year 2008 has been largely piloted by implementation of the results of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-07) and the Radiocommunication Assembly (RA-07). As we enter the last quarter of 2008, I would like to describe here the major achievements of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector in the current period:

Directly related to the implementation of the WRC-07 results have been the publication of the WRC-07 Final Acts, the 2008 Edition of the Radio Regulations and the implementation of the emergency frequency database called upon by Resolution 647 (WRC-07), and the software developments to reflect the conference decisions on space and terrestrial services, particularly for the FSS Plan of RR Appendix 30B. In addition, BR has been working on the integration of the GE-06 Agreement into the Terrestrial Radiocommunication Systems (TerRaSys).

ITU-R Study Groups have been heavily involved with initiating the new study period and in particular with implementing the new Study Group structure adopted by RA-07. Preparation for CPM-11 has been kicked off with the involvement of several ITU-R groups.

The Radiocommunication Bureau’s emphasis also continued in respect to ITU-R Resolutions adopted by RA-07 which have particular relevance to ITU-R Study Group work programmes, including CPM, examples being activities on climate change issues, emergency communications and disaster relief issues, IMT-Advanced, HDTV and SDRs.

Our next challenges in the remaining part of this year are the 2008 Session of the ITU Council with a few but important ITU-R issues on the agenda, the 49th meeting of the Radio Regulations Board and the World Radiocommunication Seminar 2008 (WRS-08).

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Mr. Valery Timofeev
Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau (BR)


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