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  Pagína principal : UIT-R : Comisiones de estudio : SG 5 : [WP5A-WP5B-WP5C workshop on the preparations for WRC-15 (Geneva, 23 May 2012)]
Sector de Radiocomunicaciones (UIT-R)  
[WP5A-WP5B-WP5C workshop on the preparations for WRC-15 (Geneva, 23 May 2012)]

[(ITU, Room Popov, Geneva, 23 May 2012)]

[Objectives and Outline]
[The purpose of this workshop is to provide a high level view of the WRC-15 Agenda Items for which the Study Group 5 working parties are responsible for or are contributing to. The intent is to bring everyone up to speed and on a common ground on the relevant WRC-15 agenda items to enable more productive work in the preparations for WRC-15.]

[It is expected that this workshop will permit an open discussion of issues and ideas and is not intended for the presentation of proposals to the working parties.]

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