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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
Working Party 8F (WP 8F) - IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000 - Disbanded

WP 8F is responsible for the overall radio system aspects of IMT-2000 and beyond. It has the prime responsibility within ITU-R Study Group 8 for issues related to the terrestrial component of IMT-2000 and beyond; and works closely with Working Party 8D on issues related to the satellite component of IMT-2000 and beyond.

It is the lead group for the overall maintenance of existing and development of new Recommendations on IMT-2000, collaborating with Working Party 8D on the satellite elements. This activity also involves liaison with ITU-T on network-related standardisation activities of IMT-2000 and beyond, and with ITU-D in relation to the application of IMT-2000 in developing countries. Strong cooperative efforts with external organizations and defined standards development organisations (SDOs) are also maintained.

IMT-2000, defined by a set of interdependent ITU Recommendations. International Mobile Telecommunications-2000, also known as the Third Generation Mobile Systems, fulfils the goal of making anywhere, anytime communications a reality. As a strategic priority of ITU, IMT-2000 provides a framework for world-wide wireless access by developing a highly capable wireless system of terrestrial and/or satellite based networks.

WP 8F constructs the future of IMT-2000 and beyond by looking at a long-term vision and coordinating this with spectrum needs. WP 8F considers these broad areas of impact in their work: the needs of the evolving marketplace for future wireless communications, the technologies required to fulfill those needs, the spectrum which is the natural resource of wireless, and the other issues associated with the world-wide advancement of IMT-2000 systems. A key element is the considerations of the needs of developing countries and how IMT-2000 can appropriately be tuned meet those needs.

WP 8F provides a focal point for considerations on spectrum implications of the future development of IMT-2000. It is providing clarification of spectrum requirements as input to WRC's, considering spectrum requirements and recognizing the marketplace and the future development of systems beyond IMT-2000.

WP 8F works closely with the ITU-T Special Study Group on IMT-2000 to ensure that IMT-2000 is considered from a coordinated system perspective.

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