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Secteur des radiocommunications (UIT-R)  
[IMT-2000 and Wireless Access Systems]

[(Source: Doc. 8/110) ]
  • [Present mobile communication systems have evolved by adding more and more system capabilities and enhancements, and the user will see a significant increase in capability through the future development of IMT-2000. Systems beyond IMT-2000 will be realized by functional fusion of existing, enhanced and newly developed elements of cellular systems, nomadic wireless access systems and other wireless systems with high commonality and seamless interworking.]
  • [In conjunction with the future development of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000, relationships will continue to develop between different radio access and communications systems, for example wireless PANs, LANs, digital broadcast, and fixed wireless access.]
  • [This introduces the concept of being] - ["Optimally Connected Anywhere, Anytime".]

[Systems beyond IMT-2000]


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