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Sector de Radiocomunicaciones (UIT-R)  
Últimas Circulares

10/035/LCCE/67Twenty-seventh meeting of Working Party 5D on IMT systems
06/03CR/417Rules of Procedure approved at the 74th Meeting of the RRB, 20 - 24 February 2017
28 Feb 20175/LCCE/59PDF (acrobat) - Invitation for submission of proposals for candidate radio interface technologies for the terrestrial components of the radio interface(s) for IMT-2020 and invitation to participate in their subsequent evaluation
14 Feb 2017CACE/802Approval of 1 new ITU-R Recommendation and 3 revised ITU-R Recommendations
03 Feb 2017CACE/798Meeting of Radiocommunication Study Group 1 (Spectrum management), Geneva, 21 June 2017
03 Feb 20171/LCCE/100Meetings of Working Partes 1A, 1B and 1C (Geneva, 13-20 June 2017)
31/01CACE/800Approval of 2 draft revised ITU-R Recommendations (Procedure for the simultaneous adoption and approval by correspondence)
30/01CACE/801Adoption of 1 new ITU-R Recommendation and 2 revised ITU-R Recommendations and their simultaneous approval by correspondence in accordance with § A2.6.2.4 of Resolution ITU-R 1-7 (Procedure for the simultaneous adoption and approval by correspondence),Suppression of 2 ITU-R Recommendations
27/01CACE/799Approval of 1 revised ITU-R Question
26/015/LCCE/66Meetings of Working Parties 5A, 5B and 5C (22 May-2 June 2017)
16/01CR/411Submission of Appendix 4 information for space services to the Radiocommunication Bureau and the update of related BR space software and Databases
13/01CR/416Minutes of the 73rd meeting of the Radio Regulations Board (17 - 21 Octobre 2016)
12/01CACE/797Meetings of Radiocommunication Study Group 7 (Science services), Geneva, 4 and 12 April 2017


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